Looking for a way to get to know IREM members better? Want more face to face time?

Introducing VIPconnect!

Here's how it works:

  1. Select someone that you would like to connect with from the list of participating IREM members.
  2. E-mail your choice to us at or register using the button on this page.
  3. We will send an e-mail to both you and the selected member notifying you that you have been matched. From there, you reach out to the member to schedule a time and place to connect.

What's the catch?

IREM members have signed up both to meet Industry Partners and to give back to IREM. In exchange for one hour of the member's time, there is a $50 fee that goes towards IREM events, education, and scholarships.

Everybody wins! 

Industry Partners can meet people they may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with, IREM members can meet Industry Partners while giving back to IREM, and IREM is given resources to support their chapter events and activities.

A little word of advice: 

Make it fun! Go out to lunch or happy hour, grab coffee, or do an activity together! Just be courteous of the member's time.

Don't wait to take advantage of this program! 

Some members have agreed to connect multiple times, while others signed up for only one connection. Industry Partners can connect with members through VIPconnect an unlimited number of times.


Happy Connecting!